About FIA

FIA: The Federation of Indian Associations is a Fremont based umbrella 501­c(3) organization, Non­Profit Tax id #77­01­77823. I consists of over 40 member organizations. Over the last 24 years, The Federation has continued to work with its member organizations in working on various community based initiatives, and aspect of our community.

The FIA has also proudly hosted the annual Festival of India & Parade for the last twenty four years. This event has continued to garner participants from all over Northern California, and has attracted luminaries and dignitaries from all over the world. The festival organizers have continued to organize this Festival which is intended to give our communities an opportunity to work together and present this Festival year after year. Every year, the attendance has grown and has allowed our communities, to get a better understanding of the culture, the arts, the music and foods of the Indian American community and allow our communities to further strengthen our bonds with each other.